Rachael Hampson, 25, grew up in Southampton and recently completed a Masters Degree in Social Policy. She moved to Preston in 2011 to study for a Combined Honours Degree in Criminology with Minors in Psychology and is now an After Hate Ambassador for Hampshire.

About Rachael

Rachael’s long term intention is to work within the Hate Crime area, preferably from an LGBT+ perspective. Whilst studying for her undergraduate degree she was the Chair to the Feminist Society, as well as being actively involved with the LGBT+ Society. This allowed her to interact with various individuals who had been victims of various hate incidents ranging from derogatory slurs to physical abuse; securing her desire to work within the Hate Crime area to raise awareness and help eradicate hate incidents along with supporting victims. Rachael initially signed up to be After Hate’s Project Coordinator in Preston due to being frustrated about being unable to help individuals, as well as getting fed up of constant verbal abuse towards herself and her peers. She approached After Hate as a volunteer to allow her to experience the support & signposting side of Hate Crime work. Currently unable to seek employment due to tendon and nerve damage in her arm, After Hate allows her to continue to gain experience for her future career whilst helping raise awareness of Hate and encourage reporting.

Initially learning about After Hate through the connected gay club nights Dirrty Harry’s, she chose to find out more due to the long term relationship with the local LGBT+ community. The Global Amigos ethos of promoting and celebrating the good, celebrating diversity and intersectionality whilst ‘giving a big f you to the bad stuff in the world’ cemented her decision to get involved. Ater relocating, she is now our After Hate Ambassador for Hampshire.

Have you experienced a hate crime?

We all react to incidents of violence & hate differently. If ever you need someone as proof that life can go on, look at Aaron’s story again. If you’ve been affected by a hate incident, or any other form of violence or abuse, read our Six Steps to Stability & get in touch through the contact form or by texting the words ‘After Hate’ to 60777 – for a free call back from our legal partners. Don’t suffer in silence; there’s support available.