Step 4: Seek justice / Get compensated

Victim of a violent attack?

If you’ve recently been the victim of a hate attack and the police encourage you to take your case to court they must have sufficient evidence to potentially convict your attacker. Not that finance will be a motivator but Government funding is also available through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority which the police don’t always tell victims about.

This fund exists to help victims of ‘blameless attacks’ move on after an incident. For more information about this / to find out if you could qualify, us the form on our contact page. An appropriate representative will make contact within the next few days to find out more about your situation and inform you of the options available.

Reported a violent crime in the last two years?

Applications can still be made even if you reported a crime to the police within the last two years – even if they never told you about it. (Whether you know details about the attacker is irrelevant at this stage)

For more information on the CICA compensation scheme click here – or click here to contact After Hate today.