Step 6: Re-engage with society

Hate crimes can have a damaging effect on your confidence. We believe that social groups & community activities can be great tools to rectify this. Getting involved with charities or volunteering on issues you’re passionate about can also be positive steps – and are generally sociable activities.

After Hate welcomes people from across the UK to help spread our message – whether by sharing a few posts on social media or committing to a couple of hours per month doing independent research and engagement work…

Alternatively, for something more substantial or to support a local charity to you, visit the website for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations to see what opportunities are available nearby.

Additionally, if you would rather escape the country for a while, if you’re aged 18 – 25 you can apply for a Government-funded 12 week international volunteer placement. If you’re aged 23 – 35 you can apply for a 6 month volunteer position abroad as a team leader for the young volunteers. For more information, visit International Citizen Service.

Whatever it is you end up doing… enjoy!