1. If you’ve been the victim of a violent hate or blameless attack you could be entitled to money to aid your recovery / mental well being.
  2. If your attacker is in a poor financial situation, or has since passed away, CICA could be of interest.
  3. Specialist legal firms exist who deal only with cases such as these; one of which we’re proud to sign post people to.

So what is CICA?

  • The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is a UK government funded programme that compensates blameless victims of violent crime.
  • The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), administer the Scheme & determine the value of a claim using UK Parliamentary guidelines.
  • For decades, criticisms have been made about the process – details from the most recent report is explored here (January 2019)
    • The most common is that the public are often unaware of the scheme until it’s too late (more than two years after the hate incident). Neither our project founder (Andy) nor our Ambassador (Aaron) were aware when they fell victim to hate (on seperate occasions)
  • Individuals directly affected by domestic abuse and historic sexual abuse are also encouraged to consider this step – the two year window may not apply.

Queries via the below form go direct to our legal partners. Include your phone number for a call back or await an email. By submitting a query you accept that you’ll receive contact during general office hours to discuss your situation to see what step, if any, you might wish to take next.


Unsure about submitting an enquiry? Inbox a volunteer via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (messages are deleted quarterly / once a conversation has come to a close). Alternatively, contact Andy whilst he’s on the road – via his travel blog page

Start the CICA Application process with our partners by clicking here

No amount of money will compensate the suffering that victioms of abuse will have encountered – but CICA is here for a reason. And After Hate exists to encourage members of the public to utilise as much of the help available as possible; to consider all six steps.

As long as you’re informed, we take comfort in the knowledge that you can at least decide for yourself.